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YPT Hong Kong Turbo wok cookers


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YPT Hong Kong Turbo wok cookers

YPT Flame Mate Chop Suey Range
Hong Kong Style turbo wok cooker

Turbo burners allow the gas to combust more efficiently, meaning more heat and lower gas consumption; compared to a 4" nozzle mixing burner, it offers efficiency improvements of up to 28%! And it requires no water for cooling, saving you even more money.

The pre-mix turbo in the Flame Mate range produces less than 70 dB(A) of noise in operation, whereas a standard turbo could be as loud as 94 dB(A) (1m from source).

  • Fully CE certified
  • Sizes from 1 to 4 rings
  • Efficient pre-mix turbo burners, heat output 32-42 kW
  • Quiet operation, less than 70 dB(A)
  • Extruded and seamless stainless steel top
  • One-piece molded fire brick
  • Swivel spout tap
  • Cast iron rings with two open sides, no exhaust duct required
  • Slanted table top and chamber ring for easy cleaning
  • Natural gas fuel
  • Air cooled/waterless
  • Electronic ignition
Far East Kitchen Solutions is the UK's only importer of YPT equipment.

Model Code Descrption Dimensions, power, weight
Enviro turbo ESR-1-HE 1F Turbo -  Enviro Chop Suey W760 x D900 x H810, 32kW, 172kg
ESR-2-HE 2F Turbo -  Enviro Chop Suey W1500 x D900 x H810, 32x2 kW, 280kg
Guandong turbo ECR-1-GE 1F1R  Turbo - Guandong W1200 x D1250 x H810, (42+5)kW, 367kg
ECR-2-GE 2F2R  Turbo - Guandong W2200 x D1250 x H810, (42+5)x2 kW, 620kg
Shanghai turbo ECR-1-SE 1F1R  Turbo - Shanghai W1400 x D1250 x H810, (42+5) kW, 380kg
ECR-2-SE 2F2R  Turbo - Shanghai W2400 x D1250 x H810, (42+5)x2 kW, 660kg
Guandong comp. ECR-1-NE 1F1R  Turbo - Guandong
Compact depth
W1200 x D1050 x H810, (42+5)kW, 367kg
ECR-2-NE 2F2R  Turbo - Guandong
Compact depth
W2200 x D1050 x H810, (42+5)x2 kW, 620kg
Shanghai comp. ECR-1-RE 1F1R  Turbo - Shanghai
Compact depth
W1400 x D1050 x H810, (42+5) kW, 380kg
ECR-2-RE 2F2R  Turbo - Shanghai
Compact depth
W2200 x D1050 x H810, (42+5)x2 kW, 660kg
Please note that twin burner units are large, please ensure they will fit through your doors. They cannot be disassembled.

Required connections:
Gas inlet
Ø20 mm, Cold Water Ø15 mm, Waste Ø40 mm

Full specification and brochure:

CE details:

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